Nutty Newt


Magic Party

Join Nutty Newt for a magical time, full of wonder and surprise. Your child will be asking for days ``how did he do that`` with fun and laughter throughout, be prepared to be Amazed !


Themed Parties

Hosted by Nutty Newt , this promises to be a “Super Event”. A full magic show completely themed to Super Heroes. Loads of super fun, guaranteed to put a smile on any budding super hero.


Fun Days

Holding a special event, fun day or summer fete? This is a speciality of Nutty Newt's répertoire, his infectious personality will bring Laughter, Balloons and Magic to your door.!!

The Greatest
Adventure on the Planet!

Here at Magic A Party we know a thing or two about parties.

We offer many types of parties, you can choose from a standard party or choose a theme! From Super-Hero or Pirates to a Magical Unicorn theme, these are just a few of the exciting themes we offer.

Have a Special Event and want to add something DIFFERENT and FUN.!

We have performed at Carnivals, Festivals, Corporate Events and even the local village pub on a bank holiday.

Don’t see anything you want? Then get in touch and chat to us.

We can customise any party to your requirements.

Let the fun begin…